Dr. Charles E. Poletti
Specializing in Neurosurgery, Brain Surgery & Research
Dr. Charles E. Poletti, At a Glance

Motivated by the belief that the human mind—this includes the fractional illusion of free will—is fundamentally governed by the neural activity of the brain, Dr. Charles E. Poletti answered a calling to enter into the field of academic neurosurgery. He has since been able to dedicate himself to hands-on, basic science and clinical research of the human nervous system, to bring to light new-found knowledge, and flesh out countless hypotheses about the anatomy and functioning of the human brain and new disease processes affecting the central nervous system. Moreover, his research was crucial in the conception of operations to cure these diseases. Dr. Poletti was also stimulated by the experience he gained after working with Paul D. McLean for two years in his NIH Laboratory of Limbic Evolution and Behavior, to venture further into the area of academic neurosurgery. Dr. Poletti was able, at the beginning of his neurosurgical residency - through the kindness of Dr. William H. Sweet - to set up his own laboratory of limbic physiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Prior to venturing into medicine, Dr. Poletti graduated Summa Cum Laude from Harvard University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy Science, and he earned an MD from Columbia Presbyterian. While attending Harvard and studying philosophy science, he became fascinated with the inner workings of the human mind. While living in post-World War II Europe for more than four years, Dr. Poletti was able to appreciate his fortunate position in life, and he felt a great debt to his luck; he also feels fortunate to have met his wife, a person that he pinpoints as a major attribute to his success. He is proud to share a close bond and friendship with her, and to be able to cherish the peace and tranquility a life as deeply committed partners.

Dr. Poletti’s determination to make valuable contributions to the mind-brain problem fashioned a path and set the pace for him in his life, and helped him to become the medical professional that he is today.

Dr. Charles E. Poletti
Specializing in Neurosurgery, Brain
Surgery & Research
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