Dr. Charles E. Poletti
Specializing in Neurosurgery, Brain Surgery & Research
Dr. Charles E. Poletti | Retired Neurosurgeon -- University of Connecticut and Hartford Hospital

Dr. Charles E. Poletti is a retired neurosurgeon who has amassed nearly half a century of professional experience throughout an illustrious career in medicine. Prior to his retirement, Dr. Poletti studied brain behavior and headache patterns and identified the causes of various types of headaches at the University of Connecticut and Hartford Hospital. He performed neurosurgical procedures, conducted research, and educated others in the medical field. He has garnered a reputation of distinction among his peers as he has made valuable contributions to brain behavior and headache pattern research, and he has been featured in more than 80 science articles; he has also published a book.

In the 49 years that Dr. Poletti has serviced the field of neurosurgery, he has made noteworthy strides in the area of neurosurgery. He has maintained a long-standing passion for effecting positive change, and in particular, bringing about change in relation to the mind-brain problem. Driven by a standpoint that has allowed him to challenge himself to be productive in the discovery of new treatments, education of new physicians, and unearthing of new ways that the brain functions, Dr. Poletti has remained focused on serving wholeheartedly as an academic neurosurgeon who has devoted an extraordinarily major part of his life to hands-on, basic science and clinical research on the human nervous system.

Dr. Poletti has made several remarkable discoveries throughout his career, which have included the following:

  • Major Unknown Physiological Pathway from the Temporal Lobes to the Rest of the Brain
  • Definitive Data requiring Abandonment of Papez's Formulation of the Functioning of the Limbic System as a Circuit of Physiological Activity
  • Development of a New Concept of the Physiology and Evolutionary Role of the Limbic System
  • Mapping in the Spinal Cord the Physiological Relationship of Two New "Cranial Nerves" (C2 and C3) to Sensory Input from the Face

His clinical discoveries have also included the following:

  • Mapping the correct distribution of the C2 and C3 nerves to the head; finding two unsuspected disease processes affecting the C2 and C3 nerves - actually the most frequent cause of a common type of headache (occipital neuralgia) and operations to cure the conditions
  • The description of a new distinct and common type of lumbar spinal stenosis (a very common disease in older people) caused entirely by thickening of a ligament, along with a simple curative operation

Dr. Poletti continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor as an expert on neurosurgery, brain surgery and research.

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Dr. Charles E. Poletti
Specializing in Neurosurgery, Brain
Surgery & Research
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